Carpet Defects

green carpet

You have two choices when it comes to the floor in your home. You can choose hardwood floor or you can choose carpet. Both options have benefits and both options have defects and downside.

There’s no such thing as a perfect choice when it comes to deciding which type of floor is right for you. But you should have as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision you will be happy with.

Let’s discuss some of the downside of owning carpet and common carpet defects that often occur:


To maintain carpet can be difficult. You will need to vacuum carpet multiple times each week and as often as once per day for high-traffic areas in the home. Vacuuming once isn’t that much of a chore but considering it needs to be done often, the total time it requires will add up.

You will also need to hire a local carpet cleaning service like Champion Chem-Dry in Tampa one or two times each year in order to remove deep dirt and restore the quality and comfort of the fibers.

Routine vacuuming and annual carpet cleaning appointments will often extend the lifetime of a carpet, however, the shelf life is still limited to 10-15 years depending on the quality of carpet you purchase. Some signs of deterioration include …


This occurs from extensive traffic where the pile thickness of the carpet starts to flatten out over time. Your vacuuming should help prevent matting during the first few years after installation and there are certain fibers such as Frieze that naturally prevent this for many years too.


Your carpet will wear down over time. This occurs when there is a loss of weight and pile fiber. Extensive wear is irreversible and unavoidable over time but can be delayed with the proper maintenance and care for your carpet.


Some carpet fibers fade in direct sunlight or constant exposure to artificial lighting. You also might notice carpet fade if you use store-bought chemicals to remove stains and dirt from carpet. Beyond basic vacuuming, I recommend leaving all carpet cleaning to professional services. The store-bought cleaners often do more damage than good.


Yarn from carpet fibers will tuft and rise above the rest of the strands. These tufts need to be cut off with a scissors but do so carefully so as to not damage surrounding strands of carpet. Shedding is common on newer carpet and will ultimately decline over the years.


A carpet is essentially a large filter on the floor of your home. The fibers will trap all dirt, germs and odors that come into contact with them. This means that cigarette smoke or pet odors or even body odors can emanate from carpet long after the original odor dissipates. You should hire a professional for pet urine odor removal as it can lead to more serious and permanent damage to the carpet and subfloor.

You can use vinegar and water as a natural deodorizer to reduce carpet odors in between deep cleaning appointments. Vacuuming should also help.


The browning effect on carpet occurs if there is water or moisture in the carpet pad or beneath the surface. This can occur from spills or just dampness and humidity. Severe water damage and leaks in the roof, windows or plumbing can also lead to brown carpet spots and it is often common after hiring a carpet cleaning company that uses too much water during their process.


Sometimes a bump or ripple will occur in the middle of wall-to-wall carpet. This is a sign that the carpet pad underneath is deteriorating. This is one of the first indications that it is time to replace your carpet.

You should be aware of the downside in owning carpet in your home. There are several benefits, including comfort, color and warmth, but I often prefer knowing all the potential problems before purchasing something. If I can live with the problems, then I’ll probably make the purchase.