How to Replace a Door Window Frame


broken door window frame

Hi there Tampa homeowners! This is the first of many DIY “how-tos” from I wanted to start with an easier project that can be completed in a morning or an afternoon. Let’s discuss how to replace door window frame.

Door window frames are often damaged over time from a door being slammed close too often. Eventually this will lead to a broken window pane or frame you will need to replace. This post will walk you through the process until you have a brand new door window frame in place.

First you need to purchase a new door window frame. The frames are made of two pieces of plastic. One piece for the exterior and one piece for the interior. The frame the encloses a pane of glass that rests within the door frame.

Home contractors like myself have various vendors we use to purchase these types of materials but for a homeowner like yourself you should be able to order the frame online or at a local big-box hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

You should expect the frame to arrive in four or five business days and cost around $100 for the parts and the shipping fees.

Now it is time to remove the broken door window frame. There will be small plastic covers around the trim of the frame that hide the screws. Pop out the plastic pieces with a screwdriver and then drill out the screws from the interior frame. Be careful not to loosen the window pane in the middle of the two frames. You do not want the frame to break during this project.

Then use a razor blade to cut the calking around the exterior frame and remove the screws from the frame.

I now recommend you remove the window pane from the door and use this as an opportunity to clean the window. You can remove old adhesive around the edges of the window pane and wipe it down with glass cleaner.

Then run a long string of silicon around the exterior of the exterior frame. Do this one the inside and outside of the exterior frame. The inner silicon will be the adhesive that attaches the window to the frame while the outer silicon will help attach the exterior frame to the door itself.

You should then remove the door from your home. This is to avoid attempting to place the window and the frame into the door on its hinges. There is a good chance this will lead to you dropping and breaking the glass. Instead set the door down directly onto the window pane and frame and let the silicon adhere to it.

Then reattach the interior frame and drill the screws back in and conceal them with the plastic caps.

Now return the door to the doorway and place screw it back into its hinges. Run another line of caulk around the exterior frame to protect it from water damage and then the project is complete.

You now have a brand new door window frame in place and a cleaner window pane too. The repair itself shouldn’t require anymore than a couple of hours to complete after the new frame arrives in the mail.